Gain full control in our 4 main course in photography, with a strong emphasis on exposure. These basic course are designed to give you full knowledge of what you need to know concerning photography and build your own career or business in the photography industry whatever you are. The class will be examine cameral settings and how can you make used of it to create different photographic effect.
Our class are on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.

In this course you will learn the components of a photographer’s digital darkroom.
What you will learn

  • Component of photographer digital darkroom
  • Introduction to DSLR
  • Basic techniques image quality settings
  • White balance
  • ISO settings
  • Focusing and how it related to your image
  • Handling and caring for your digital camera
  • Depth of field
  • How to make use of your Speedlight and many more.

Price: N50,000

What you will learn

  • Equipment Essential
  • Light modifiers and how to use them effectively
  • Studio lighting styles
  • Major way of understanding shadow
  • Different lighting setup;
    i. Light setup
    ii. Light setup and multiple lighting setup mode
  • Photoshop and light room
  • Basic setup and workflow
  • Rotating and cropping
  • Layers and levels
  • Retouching with cloning and healing brush curves, colour balance and hue/saturation
  • Resolution, image sizing, shaping and many more

Price: N50,000

What you will learn

  • Basic introduction to wedding photography
  • Use of flash in wedding effectively & best natural light
  • Best wedding poss
  • Best ISO setting for wedding and other related setting shutter speed and apertures
    And many more

Price: N65,000

What you will learn

  • Basic introduction to product/model/fashion photography
  • Posing on this aspect of photography
  • Working with member
  • How to shoot in studio and location
  • Photoshop
  • Gain confidence in using Photoshop
  • Basic setup & workflow
  • Rotating cropping, layers and levels
  • Learn the basic functions, as well as special tips for enhancing and adjusting your image
  • Learn how to design an album with Photoshop
  • Printing technologies, types of photography, print papers, deciding to print in lab or at home and many more

Price: N65,000

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